Home and Garden Inspiration

mecroppedfrRMCThis is where you can learn about how to create a wonderful Permaculture Design for your home and garden’s “hardscape.”  

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Good design begins with establishing where to locate gardens, pathways, patios, and animals, while designing for all our other human needs – aesthetics, finances, ecological responsibility, and functionality – and beginning with planning for those non-negotiables, solar gain and water flow.

DSC04421Homes and their outdoor spaces can bless us or frustrate us – depending on the appropriateness of the design to the people who currently live there.

So I help people correct or refine the design of their homes and yards so they gain the benefits of beauty, food, energy savings, serenity, increased home value, and much, much more.

I consult and offer workshops based on the Permaculture principles of caring for the Earth and people sustainably, plus intuitive feng shui, and the functional design principles I learned as a top-selling real estate agent in the 90s.  

* While most other Permaculture Designers focus on the living guilds, I’ve chosen to focus on “hardscape” – your buildings, solar aspect, water harvesting potential, paths, patios, etc, around which the living things are arranged, and within which all your desired activities are fully supported, made most functional and most beautiful – and done in stages, as that works best for people.

Email me, and we’ll set up a meeting or phone call to discuss your needs.


6 thoughts on “Home and Garden Inspiration

  1. Hi Jean.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    I love what you are doing with your blog and I have followed you. I’m much more of a gardener than a web designer so I’m not a lot of help however I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the future.
    Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. And I’m more of a designer (of homes and gardens) than a gardener per se. But I’m getting over my fear (I guess that’s what it was about!) of responsibility for living things, still learning, and loving it. I look forward to learning from your blog. ;}

  2. When planting a garden there should often be space reserved
    for necessary kitchen herbs. They are offered either fresh
    or dried in the grocery retailers and are often costly.
    Mint, parsley, basil, dill all is usually grown in almost
    any climate. Also, these herbs are extremely straightforward to grow
    and may be used every day inside the kitchen, and what is not utilized could be dried and stored for later use.

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