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Rooftop rain to swale to trees and grapes and more

Ohhh, the rain was so beautiful!


And it was super-gratifying to see our water harvesting system work so well!

Watch a 1-minute video that traces the rain water coming off the roof, around the water harvesting tank, around stone-protected plantings in the brick-lined swale (brick edge keeping this water off the new adobe patio – another happy story), being joined by water from the patio roof, down the rain chain, and winding further to the apricot tree.

The swale then turns back east along the fence (not carrying the same water, but capturing new water) to the two dwarf peach trees (almost hidden behind the rosemary), through the grape arbor, across the front gate and along the fenced gardens beyond the edge of this video, across the front yard.


All the water that falls on this property is directed into a garden or water tank; none flows out into the road.

The patio appears flooded, so I made another video (“Patio Flow”) to show the water moving downgrade, following the sinuous brick line into the apricot basin.