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The Joy of Eating from one’s own Garden

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Even a tiny garden can surprise you.  Even 1/10 acre carved out of solid rock!

The truly satisfying part of this breakfast is that so much of it came from our very own garden, and the rest from nearby farms.

Here’s our breakfast yesterday:  veggie scramble with sides of spaghetti squash, collards, Fakin’Bacon, and 1/2 slice of sprouted-grain toast.  From our garden came:  the eggs, spaghetti squash, tomatillos, and parsley.  Onions, carrots, and chilies came from local farms – and might have come from our garden earlier in the year – while zucchini, collards, red bell pepper (ditto re our garden earlier) came from farms farther away.  Corn tortillas (scrambled into the eggs for a texture I prefer) came from our local tortilleria.  The only food traveling much of a distance was the Fakin’ Bacon (tempeh strips) and toast, both of which I could do without if I had to.

The limitations of living on a small lot of solid rock are being overcome by thoughtful design based on Permaculture principles of “stacking functions,” designing vertically, and much, much more.

Now, true Permaculture design would have walked away from this home on rock, but the house site is serving me in so many other ways that I’m staying with this far-less-than-Permaculture-ideal site, and I continue to be amazed at what can be done – so don’t give up on yours!