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Spring Flowers and Other Important Elements

After all these months of cold weather, maybe cooped up indoors (maybe catching up on our reading),
spring flowers bring us such delight!  We not only have these salvias and columbines, but tea roses
(multifloras) over the front gate and evening primroses scattered across another bed.

DSC04400 DSC04399

Notice how the flowers grow among rocks and water containers?  Must provide habitat for birds and lizards!

Another thing that bring me delight is a simple thing, but practical and important:  Having my tools accessible, clean, dry, and tidy.

DSC04401  Happy Spring, everyone!

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Pruned Trees Looking Good, Forming Fruit!


Dwarf peach tree gets its first pruning, espaliered against the fence.
After I neglecting pruning for too many years, last Fall’s pruning finally shaped the dwarf peach trees as I’ve always planned them, espaliered against the fence.  
In April, it's all leafed out, pretty again….
In April, it’s all leafed out, pretty again….
…and baby peaches have formed!
…and baby peaches have formed!




The almond tree is easier to harvest now with its branch structure opened a bit, which also allows in more light for photosynthesis. It’s also full of baby almonds.
The cherry tree had its V-shaped crotch tied to support the weight of the two branches, and has baby cherries coming on again this year.
The apricot tree is smaller this year, to keep fruit within reach and easier to access through its open branch work.
Arborist Cheyenne Thomas, teaching the second pruning workshop at a participant's house.
Arborist Cheyenne Thomas, teaching the second pruning workshop at a participant’s house.
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Healing in the Garden

How many of you have had times in your garden so powerful that they’ve challenged your philosophy of what’s real?

Or times when you were overwhelmed by sensuousness, luxury of relaxation, love, beauty of flower buds opening, turning to fruit, birds, bees, lizards, sun (moon and stars!), breeze, exhilaration of exercise, lazy rambling thoughts, prayers, understanding, or connection?

All these are common blessings in the garden (along with vegetables, herbs, and wildlife habitat).

So I want to be more consistent, more dedicated to my garden, not only as a growing, productive, and beautiful living space, but as my personal healing place.

The best place for healing, I assert, is the Garden, where we learn about consciousness and life, unconscious, mistakes, and death, forgiveness and listening and more.

I’m so grateful for this work.