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New Fountain with Quadruple Uses!

DSC04416We all know a fountain makes a beautiful sound to enjoy outside – and the birds like it too.

But I’d bought a fountain that didn’t make much sound, I guess not designed perfectly.  And within the year, the pump had become clogged with minerals, so I’ve enjoyed the statuary, but continued to wonder how I could find the right size pump – if any – that would give it a satisfying sound.

Recently, I realized I could hook up the fountain to a small ¼”-line (used for swamp coolers) which is under pressure so it doesn’t need to recirculate its own water, and it’ll never run low and burn out a pump, and the small amount of water can be used to feed the nearby apricot tree.

The inspiration hit the other day, and I used moderate amounts of concrete to secure a few rocks in place to create a waterfall that I hope will make good sound.  If not, well, I’ll keep experimenting until I learn the secret!

Beneath the waterfall, I created a small pond with stones set in concrete – though I could have (should have) used clay:


The pond is about 8″ deep (enough for some small fish??), long and narrow, with a arm running left off the side of the photo….

and from there it runs through the chicken wire into the coop and falls into a pottery bowl for the chickens to drink fresh water!

The bowl is tipped slightly to overflow back out through the chicken-wire fence and into the apricot tree well with columbines.  So satisfying!

I’ve almost finished hooking up the water supply.

DSC04417Here’s the fountain flowing on Vimeo:



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One thought on “New Fountain with Quadruple Uses!

  1. And we realized a fifth use: When a breeze blows, there is a natural evaporative cooling effect in the shade under the house for the chickens.

    And a fifth use: the moisture attracts insects which the birds eat.

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