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Old Driveway becomes New Garden Area!

house front orig
BEFORE: parking in front.
AFTER: A lush garden!

This lush garden used to be vehicle parking when I first bought the house.

And our newest change has been to move another parking place, freeing up nearly 400 more square feet that will become gardens, trees, and seating.

10 fence fin med
The last parking space before it was reclaimed for gardens.

What we lost (besides a parking space) was:  a chaotic view and  sound of the street and vehicles, and exposure of our little storage room – now a shop – to possibly prying eyes.

The new fence blends with the old fence. The old fence’s curved corner is met by the new gate at an angle.

Now, instead of an unnecessary parking place, we enjoy another private section of yard!

DSC05441We had fun shaping the bottom edge of the gate to hug the shape of the stones at the base of the old fence.

And more fun fashioning a handle from an oak branch.

Now we’re ready to begin those gardens inside!

DSC05441 cu