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A few garden thoughts

It’s good to remember to get outside in the late day to catch sights we might miss otherwise.  Some of my favorites are:

The cherry tree backlit by the late day sun…


…and the first Evening Primrose of the season!

The tabby cat, Peaches, doesn’t care. She only has eyes for catnip.


These hardly little flowers spread wonderfully, and some years used to come up in profusion (when the rains were just right) and cover the desert floor when I lived in Cochise County, Arizona – so I have a special affection for them.

And oh-my-goodness!  Look how this little volunteer has grown in just 5 days – March 30 – April 4!  (We think it’s another apricot tree.  I wrote about it in a previous post.)


Wow!  That’s impressive for just five days.


IMG_2691And the scroungy-looking dandelions at my feet are exactly that – I scrounge the outer leaves for the chickens, and leave a few to keep the plants going.  Good thing I took an extra walk today, to keep the girls happy and well fed.

Finally, in the sun room, we brought in a volunteer tomato last fall – maybe sprouted from the compost? maybe from a bird dropping? in any case, we know it’s hardy, coming up in un-amended soil – and surrounded it with bottles of water for thermal mass to keep it warm on the coldest of nights, and it’s produced a half-dozen tomatoes for us already!  And twenty or more small fruits are growing.  That’s a comfrey next to it, with the tomato tumbling over it!  As soon as the nights stay in the 40s, we’ll bring them both out, along with the 3 basil plants that provided us pesto all winter!IMG_2694


I’m a lazy gardener, I admit, but having planned for that reality, planting easy-to-grow varieties, lots of herbs, trees, wildflowers, and taking advantage of volunteers, there’s a lot going on here, with a minimum of work.

Even though I’ve done very little promoting of my design work, I’m always delighted when people ask me to help them figure out their yards – as occurred again today.

It’s a wonderful thing to work out a design that serves many functions (aesthetics, food, medicine, activities, finances, ecology, and more) and is considered not only in two dimensions (like a map), but also the third dimension (vertically) and the fourth (through time)!  I love it.



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