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Earth Day solar cooking tomorrow – and there’s a sale on!

Hi Friends,

I’m getting ready to demonstrate solar cooking for four hours tomorrow, 10 – 2, at Silver City’s Earth Day celebration at Gough Park.  (There’ll be music and lots of fun stuff!)

I’ll cook quinoa with beets and rice – almost the same dish shown here, except with rice – either grain will turn beautiful red from the beets, and so will the carrots!

solar cook b
Earth Day, 2004

When that’s done, I’ll pop in an apple crisp.

And when that’s finished, I may show off “sauteéing” – without stirring – or maybe demonstrate toasting nuts or seeds to perfection – again, with no stirring!


The company has given us distributors another special to offer:

a set of three baking/dehydrating racks will come free – with an oven



And I recently got my new PayPal cell-phone slider so I can take credit card purchases for paypalthe first time!

And I’ll have a brand-new oven with me, unopened in the box, with the free rack set, so if you’re interested you can take it home tomorrow!  Otherwise, ovens – sent here or anywhere in the continental US – will arrive at your door within a week.

You can order an oven or ask questions here on my site, or by phone (575-534-0123), or by email (

Hope to see you soon!  Come by and visit!



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