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Wonderful Week! Son Visit, Fruit Trees, New Panorama, More

20150514_200255What a wonderful week, with my son visiting, appreciating all the changes in the garden, and the unusual and so appreciated rains!

IMG_3027 IMG_3029

The apricots are not only there for the first time ever (after its first serious pruning), but they’re big!

Ditto the almonds!

IMG_3052And the grapes are coming on ~

My son took a 360 degree panorama, which is now my website banner.  Thanks, Mike.

We know it’s a good health practice to get out and walk, but I’d been neglecting that lately, which caused my heart to give me a wake-up call.  So I’ve been walking for an hour every morning for the last four weeks, which almost always rewards me with some treat.  Sometimes, it’s dandelions for the chickens from a neighbor’s more abundant sidewalk, and sometimes it’s something phenomenal, like this cactus, overwhelmed by its own flowers.IMG_3039

Finally, last week, Peaches was teaching me how to quit working and just look around and feel the place.  So I did, and I lay back on the cottonwood bench and up into the branches oIMG_3022f the mesquite tree, which I pruned last year – and think the branches are very beautiful.  Everything seems to have appreciated the pruning.  A metaphor for life, I think.

(For the panorama, my son had us move from his beginning point to his end point in the circle while he turned in the opposite direction, placing us at two different points in the photo, for fun.)

Love your garden!

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful Week! Son Visit, Fruit Trees, New Panorama, More

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Yes, it’s quite amazing the changes the last few years have brought, thanks to Greg. (Design mine, daily discipline Greg’s – ;} ) Old friend, Gavio, just visited after being gone five years and was amazed as well, remembering the garden “before” as something I found funny, though I’m not sure I remember for sure now, possibly “daunting” or “formidable.” Now it’s so inviting. You’ll have to come visit. Give a call when you’re in town.

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