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First Annual “Summer Solstice Solar Cooking Celebration” in Silver City!

The outdoor Silver City Art Market is an important adjunct to the Farmers Market and other events in downtown Silver City on Saturdays from May through October. Find them on Bullard Street, across from the Farmers Market, between 7th and 8th Streets. Their website is, and you can also find them (and “Like” them) on Facebook.

I’m super excited to team up with the outdoor Silver City Art Market in downtown Silver City to host the First Annual “Summer Solstice Solar Cooking Celebration” in Silver City!

Solar cooks are invited to come join with others, bring their ovens to the Art Market parking lot on Saturday, June 20, between 8-9 am to set up and, between 9 and 2, cook, visit, learn, demonstrate, show off your greatest solar dish – and meet new solar cooking friends, all in a relaxed, non-scheduled celebration.

The “solar curious” are invited to come see the variety of both home-built and manufactured solar ovens – as well as the solar cooking skills of people you might not have known were solar cooks, maybe your friends and neighbors!

There’ll also be cookbooks to purchase and printed instructions to take home on how to build your own solar oven – free with a $1 donation or more.

All donations will fund the gift of a free Sun Oven to a Silver City/Grant County non-profit organization involved in food sustainability! 

The event is free and open to the public and will take place at the Silver City Art Market parking lot on Bullard Street between 7th and 8th Streets.  

If you own an oven and would like to cook, please call 575-534-0123 for more information, or leave a comment here, to help us plan – but registration is not required – it’s okay to just show up!  (Please check out my “remember” list below.)

This celebration is co-sponsored by the Silver City Art Market and Home and Garden Inspiration.

See you there!


solar cook bAnother notable solar cooking celebration has been happening annually north of Tucson since at least the 1980s, which was probably my first inspiration to get a solar oven and try it for myself.  I did and have been solar cooking since 1988.

I even lived off-the-grid without any other means of cooking for an entire year, 2000-2001 – and I only ate fireplace-heated food once (and it was so much more difficult than cooking with solar)!

This old photo was taken of me in Bisbee, Arizona, in 2004 on the Summer Solstice at a solar cooking celebration there at their Farmers Market.  (I was cooking beets and carrots in brown rice, which all turns that lovely red – a delicious, simple meal, and a family favorite.)

Over the years, I’ve learned I can cook virtually anything in my solar ovens (yes, I’ve always had a few) – baking bread and casseroles, boiling and steaming veggies, cooking grains, and even “sautéing” onions and garlic – all without opening the oven to stir because the heat comes from all around the pan!  Easy!

I hope all my local readers come out to cook or get inspired to cook!  Because solar cooking saves money, it’s fun, it’s educational, and it inspires one to think about passive solar in all its other applications: heating your home, outbuildings, patio, water, compost, chicken coop, doghouse, greenhouse, and more!

And solar ovens can be a serious safety appliance in the event of a loss of power or fuel, as they can pasteurize questionable water, milk, and other liquids with the sun.

Hope to see you there!


If you plan to cook at the event, you’ll want to remember (and probably pack the night before, so you can arrive and get set up by 9 am):

* your oven, cookware, utensils, and hot pads

* eating dishes, utensils, and napkins

* towels and water for clean-up

* sunglasses and shade (not too big which might steal sun from a neighbor)

* chairs (extras for friends is always nice), small table

* drinking water and cups

* And in the morning, remember your food, including oils, spices, salt, and pepper, etc.

*** Anything more I might have forgotten?  Tell me so I can update this and better help the next people.

Oh, yes!  And give me a call at 575-534-0123,
or email me at,
or post a comment here,
so we can get a probable count and do better planning for you!  Thanks!  

See you there!



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