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Big Lizard, Beautiful Yarrow, Solar Cooking, Solar Tea, First Sunflower

Well, now I know what my cat has been so interested in around the pond!IMG_3641

When I found this, at first I thought it was a snake skin – until I saw the legs!

I love lizards and love to create habitat for them (lots of rocks) – which also means discouraging my cat from catching them, which I seem to have accomplished.

There is so much that’s beautiful in the garden these days, but one of my favorites has been the tansy.IMG_3615

I’ve been watching the flower buds change from nearly-white to pale orange, to darker orange, and deep salmon.

The very first medicinal herb I recall learning about – back in Louisville, Kentucky, in the late 70s, I believe – was the tansy.  I bought a tiny amount and, silly me, kept it in a jar as if it were gold to be saved for … I forget.  I probably threw it away after keeping it for ten years!!  Now, I learn that it has fallen out of favor with modern herbalists, not good for as many things as it used to be reputed to cure.  For now, I’ll just enjoy enjoy its beauty.

IMG_3732_2The first sunflower, in the early morning light, eight-nine feet tall!

Below:  solar cooking an apricot cobbler, made from gift apricots!  See Peaches hanging out beneath?

And, as always, making a few solar teas:  mineral tea from our local herbalist, peppermint tea from the garden, and lemon …. [verbena? – no, it was something else I can’t remember!… will fill in soon] gift from a friend also.

(I thought I was sacrificing valuable garden space to something less useful and valuable than vegetables, when I decided the garden and my erratic energy would best be spent on herbs, but now I’m realizing that the herbs I produce here, a dozen or more, are highly useful, and valuable, probably of more value than the few tomatoes I used to work SO hard for.  I’m delighted now to focus just on herbs.)

Blessings in your garden!  Make it a healing place for you, your spirit, your loved ones, friends, wild things, pet things, and the planet.IMG_3733




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