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A *Hybrid* Tulsi Solar-electric Oven is for Sale

tulsi solar cooker
My Tulsi cooking two pans of flat enchiladas and two pans of rice. (The electric cord plug is the barely-visible black rectangle on the side near the white rice.)

Hi Local Friends ~

A friend of mine bought a Tulsi *hybrid* solar-electric oven from me a couple of years ago and gave it to a friend who recently confessed he’s never used it and so returned it to her – with the film still on the reflector, truly unused.

Since she already has two other ovens, she gave it some thought and decided to sell it and asked me for some help.

This solar oven is no longer on the market, so this is a rare opportunity.  My friend says it seems to be in perfect condition except for one latch being broken.  This isn’t an essential piece, and the oven should cook fine and maybe just need a little thoughtfulness when carrying it closed – or a latch repair.

The “hybrid” designation refers to the electric heating element built into the bottom.  This is nice when you plan to cook and then see clouds rolling in that may or may not interfere.  Just plug it into a regular AC outlet and push one button to set it to 300 degrees, or both buttons to indicate 350.  Then, the heater will come on when the temperature needs a boost and will turn itself off when it has reached the designated temperature.

When I use my Tulsi, I rarely use the electric option (just leave the cord in storage), but I have used it a couple of times, and it works as promised and has been most appreciated on those days!  But it’s not necessary.

Oh, yes, and when I demonstrate all my ovens, the Tulsi always gets the most attention because it’s narrower than the Sun Oven and carries “like a suitcase.”

This oven used to sell for $299, but it is now discontinued and replaced by a larger, deeper oven that sells for $529.  My friend would like to sell it for $299.  We both would prefer not to deal with shipping, hence this offer to “local friends.”

Please email me at or call me at 575-534-0123.  I take cash, checks, and credit cards now!

Below are all the official features, specs, how it works, and accessories:


  • High performance solar oven w/”energy miser” back up AC 120v. electric elements, ultimate in solar oven technology up to 400F in hybrid mode. Convenient, reliable, economical.
  • 95% reflective scratch resistant reflector panel for longer wear and higher cooking temps, higher reflectivity than a standard glass mirror.
  • Double-paned oven window instead of the typical single pane, holds trapped energy longer for superior heating.
  • Double rubber oven seals instead of a single seal, better long-term heat retention.
  • Attachable Temp. Booster Reflector panels for Higher Temperature Cooking.
  • Larger internal cooking chamber, cook 4 different food items at one time or how about one large pizza.
  • 24/7 electric back-up system is energy-efficient using typically 75% less electrical energy than your standard in-house oven. The cost to operate is pennies.
  • Rugged suitcase design offers clamshell like protection to internal parts.
  • Portable for easy carrying or transport, the suitcase style design fits easily in car trunk, campers, RV’s, or boat. Sets up in seconds: Simple as opening a suitcase.


Hybrid: The Tulsi-Hybrid can be just an electric oven. No sun required. However, as just an electric oven the cooking temperature is constant around 300 as this is the temperature that the internal thermostat shuts-off and on too.  The Tulsi-Hybrid actually cooks hotter and can reach 400+ when the electric and sun are used in unison.

Cooker size: 540 x 540 x 200 mm. / 21.25 in. x 21.25 in. x 7.87 in.
Material: Molded body made of UV resistant fiber reinforced plastic
Cooking capacity: 2 Kgs. or 6-8 Kgs. per day / 4 Lbs. or 13 to 17 Lbs. per day
Total weight: Approx. 13 Kgs. / 29 Lbs. including cooking pots
Tray material & coating: Aluminum sheet, black painted for high UV heat absorption

Energy source: Solar & electric power for backup

Electrical consumption: Low setting. 0.2 KW/h – High setting 0.4 KW/h. depending on amount of food being cooked & ambient conditions
Two Power source: Solar – Electric 120 volts / 60 cycles.

Electrical wattage thermostatically controlled:

Normal setting: 200 Watts (2 amps) 

High setting: 400 Watts (4 amps), (+/-10%)

Manufactured by Rohitas Electronics of Kanpur, India

How It Works

Sun BD Corporation presents Hybrid Solar Oven Technology at its finest, it is easy to use, portable, sets up in seconds and is safer to use because there are no dangerous open flames. The Tulsi-Hybrid produces zero carbon emissions!

OK, this all sounds great you’re thinking, it’s  state of the art technology, easy to use, portable, and cooks without flames. BUT, how does the darn thing work? Like a piece of cake!

The Tulsi-Hybrid solar cooking oven can be operated in any one of three ways:

1) The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven can be used in Hybrid mode:

We call using both solar and electric in combination – peace of mind. It’s  the best of all worlds. You can solar cook more often and never have to worry about clouds again. When the sun is out the oven acts as a solar oven but when the sun disappears the oven acts as an electric oven cycling itself on and off between electric and solar when the sun reappears. Forget the roller coaster cooking temperatures and the threat of bacterial food poisoning that can happen with solar only ovens. The Tulsi-Hybrid’s  two setting thermostat automatically controls and maintains the cooking temperature inside the oven chamber so your food is always safe and cooked to perfection even when the weather isn’t.

2) The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven can be an electric oven all by itself.

The Tulsi-Hybrid is thermostatically controlled and reaches cooking temperature of 300 degrees F. The Tulsi-hybrid cycles on and off after reaching cooking temperature for economical energy-efficient operation. It’s so easy to use just plug the Tulsi-Hybrid’s  power cord into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet. Operational cost is only pennies. The power source can from the electric company, a DC/AC inverter, or any back up generator. Wattage requirement a measly 200 watts (+/- 10%).

3) The Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Cooking Oven can be an efficient premium solar oven all by itself.

Simply point the Tulsi-Hybrid towards the sun and adjust the back reflector panel to shine the sun’s sunlight into the oven’s dark cooking chamber. It’s that easy.

You will never find another solar oven like the Tulsi-Hybrid, it’s the ONLY Hybrid Solar Oven sold inAmerica . It’s like having four appliances in one: a solar oven, crock-pot, slow cooker and portable outdoors camp oven.


4 Cooking pots w/Lids:  4-Stainless steel pots w/lips, hard black-coated for UV heat absorption.