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Free Dehydrating and Baking Rack Set

Fresh_Tom_in_GSO.jpegHi Friends,

Gotta let you know about Sun Oven’s newest sale:

a free Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set with any purchase of a Sun Oven!

The set provides a simple, effective way to use a SUN OVEN to dry and dehydrate with the power of the sun.

Easily stackable wire racks allow up to 4 layers of drying or dehydrating. Can be used for baking 4 layers of cookies, tarts, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, flat breads or fish. (Comes with a set of 3-stackable racks and one roll of unbleached, silicone coated parchment baking paper.)

Through June 20, 2016, the Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set is being provided FREE with the purchase of an All American SUN OVEN (you MUST mention this with each order you place).


The remaining items in the “Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package” (stacking cook pots with lids, loaf pans, and water pasteurization indicator) can be purchased for an additional $34.20 when purchased with a All American SUN OVEN.

The rack set or full package can be shipped inside the SUN OVEN without increasing the cost of shipping.