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Free solar cooking webinar

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.18.22 PMIt’s been a long time since I did a Sun Oven demonstration – but Paul Munsen, the smilin’ guy walking beside Nelson Mandela, talked me into doing a webinar with him – actually, he teaches, and I invite guests and play host – all online.

He says that people are enjoying them so much, that these webinars have become the source of 30% of their growing sales now ..not that you will feel any pressure to buy, and even if you already own one, you’re welcome to join the online class, watch Paul’s videos, ask questions, and get answers from someone who’s delivered Sun Ovens (“the Cadillac of solar ovens”) to 128 countries around the world where they are part of slowing down deforestation and lung problems for women who cook over fire in little huts. So, he’s a good guy. (Here in the US too, solar cooking saves money and deforestation.)

There’s NO COST, it’s fun, and you can sign up and not attend if you change your mind! But I think you’ll enjoy it. You can also invite friends from around the country. Thursday, June 9, 6:30 pm. More details below!



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