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Using Natural Plaster Artistry for Energy Savings

Hi Friends,

I’ve just written up a brief explanation of “thermal mass” and how it can be applied via natural adobe plaster to save winter and summer heating and cooling bills – here’s the link to my article:

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Small-Town “Urban” Sustainable Home for Sale

Hi Friends around the world ~
inside gate.JPG

Know anyone looking to move to a wonderful, eclectic small town to live as ecologically-sustainable a life as possible in a small-town “urban” environment?  Please check out my home for sale:



Its values – in a nutshell:

IMG_5736.jpgZoned residential and commercial, blocks from the historic business/tourism district, this 2-bedroom, 1-bath home with detached studio was redesigned for winter passive solar gain, with sculptured adobe thermal mass for temperature stabilization, and modern insulation – for comfort and energy savings in all seasons.

The private gardens, designed for low maintenance and watered with rain from the steel roof and catchments, contain native and drought-resistant fruit and nut trees, grape vines, numerous herbs, and a full spring and summer of flowers, all on one-tenth acre.  Nooks and crannies in the garden provide seating in sun or shade every season.  The home, gardens, and kitchen also all support large gatherings.


I’ve lived in Silver City for ten years and love it for many, many things:

  • Wonderful weather.
  • Many “Top Ten” small town lists, i.e., for wilderness, outdoor recreation, retirees, arts, etc.
  • The only small town in the Southwest with a food coop; it also has a Farmers Market, Permaculture guild, herb store, community garden, community radio, and more.
  • Home prices were/still are modest.
cherries in native collander
Two cherry trees, an almond, and apricot, two peach trees, and red flame grapes – plus medicinal and culinary herbs.

More about this home can be found on this site, or by contacting me:  575-534-0123 or

I’m looking for a buyer who’ll appreciate the sustainability and artfulness of this home and garden.

Thanks for passing this along!


HUGE apricots!

$160,000 – price negotiable.

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Webinar tomorrow! Three great reasons….

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.18.22 PM

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone will register for our (free!) online webinar tomorrow, on the 9th of June – even if you don’t think you can attend on the 9th, because if you register, you can watch the webinar free for a few weeks afterward.

It’ll also make you eligible for a special (a $164 savings) unlike any available throughout the year to non-registrants.

As of last week, we had 17 registrants, and I hope you all will not miss this.  Here’s the link to register:

When I previewed it last week, I was surprised that, even though I’ve been cooking with the sun since 1988, I learned a lot, and definitely got inspired, even though I thought I was already inspired about solar cooking!

It’s been a long time since I did my own Sun Oven demonstration – so when Paul Munsen, the smilin’ guy walking beside Nelson Mandela (above), suggested I do a webinar with him – actually, he teaches, and I invite guests and play host – all online – I said yes and was delighted by how much I learned in the preview.

Paul says people are enjoying the webinars so much, they have become the source of 30% of their growing sales now …not that we expect everyone to buy, because even if you already own one, we want you to join the online class, watch Paul’s videos, ask questions, and get answers from someone who’s delivered Sun Ovens, “the Cadillac of solar ovens,” to 128 countries around the world where they are part of slowing down deforestation and lung problems for women who cook over fire in little huts. So, he’s a good guy. (Here in the US too, solar cooking saves money and deforestation.)

There’s NO COST, it’s fun, and you can sign up and not attend if you change your mind! But I think you’ll enjoy it. You can also invite friends from around the country. Thursday, June 9, 6:30 pm. More details below!

Hope to see you there!