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Free Cook Pots with Sun Oven!

5b0f552c-f58e-4fc3-bea1-5f4391255fb7.jpgThrough October 31, 2016, a set of two Easy Stack Pots w/interchangeable enamel and a glass lids is being provided FREE with the purchase of an All American SUN OVEN (you MUST mention this with each order you place).

The remaining items in the Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package can be purchased for an additional $35.70 when purchased with a All American SUN OVEN.package2012

The Cook Pot set or Dehydrating and Preparedness Package can be shipped inside the All American SUN OVEN without increasing the cost of shipping.

To purchase, simply write me an email at, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay with any credit or debit card – and no fee.

Since shipping is included in the price, the Sun Oven (with free cook pots) is $299, plus tax if you’re in Arizona.  The Sun Oven with the full Dehydrating and Preparedness Package is 334.70, plus tax if you’re in Arizona.  (New Mexico friends won’t pay tax anymore, now that I’m living and doing business in Arizona.)

When I place an order, customers usually see their oven delivered within a week!

Since I was traveling, I didn’t announce this immediately, so act fast – only til 2 pm on the 31st!

(Cooked steak and rice yesterday in my oven.  Wonderful!!)



Nomad in Service. Former businesswoman, activist, artist, author, manager, educator, now keeping things simple, no longer owning a home, but traveling to suit the weather, being of Service wherever I go.

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