designerMy garden design focuses on infrastructure – making sure that all the items in your yard are placed in harmony with sun, wind, water, cold air flow, all the possible human activities now and in the future, and each in positive relationship with each other.  

Then, the energies required will be minimized, plants and animals will be easiest to care for, and you’ll have the most time to simply enjoy your space!

Our first meeting helps you step beyond design clichés (and the unnecessary expense and space they require) to realize your unique secret or forgotten desires that can be fulfilled in a beautiful yard.  We may discuss windbreaks, water harvesting, food production (plant and animal), medicine and flower gardens, erosion, privacy, views, entertainment, access, children, pets, passive solar design (for home, yard, water heating, or cooking), and much, much more!   Then I help you decide among the best, most natural (and recycled) materials.

An initial on-site yard/garden interview is 2 hours long and is followed by a written report.

I also consult on passive solar home designs and retrofits, which I’ve been doing since 2005, when I designed 6 small homes in Cochise County, Arizona.

For more information, see my design bio, my Market Street Design, and pages on Permaculture and my teacher Bill Mollison – as well as the posts to the right.


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