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Jean Eisenhower

* Student of passive solar design since 1974.

* Student of Permaculture since 1988.

* Organized Permaculture Design Course in 1989 with Bill Mollison, from Australia, founder of the Permaculture movement and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (also called the Alternative Nobel Prize).

PDC - Bill Mollison certificate

* Received Certificate in Permaculture Design from Bill Mollison, 1989.

Permaculture Drylands Journal

* Associate Editor, Permaculture Drylands Journal, an international trade journal still respected today, though no longer in publication.  Edited design articles by prominent Permaculture designers from 1989-92.  When Bill Mollison visited, I interviewed him about economics and the environment, of which part is online here.

* Organized workshops for Permaculture designers in southern Arizona, 1989 – 1992.

me wh ws light

* Co-taught workshops on building passive solar water heaters, 1989 and 2007.

* Co-taught Permaculture workshop at Master Gardeners’ Conference, Phoenix, AZ, 1990.

* Awarded the “Permaculture Community Service Award” by Bill Mollison, 1990.

rock creek house

* Built own off-the-grid, passive-solar home in 1994 and lived in it full-time for seven of those years until 2006, experiencing first-hand its functionality.

* Taught environmental design and learned more about functional home design by working with hundreds of real estate clients in Colorado Springs.

* Received two advanced real estate certificates in Colorado, including home construction, 1997-99.

* Named “Realtor of the Year” for “professionalism & ethics” in real estate office of 45 in 1999.

* Named “Multi-million Dollar Producer” in real estate, 1999.

* Organized Women for Sustainable Technologies conference, Tucson, AZ , 2000.

* Consulted with Development Center for Appropriate Technology, 2000-2001.

solar cook b

* Taught solar cooking and passive solar design workshops, Cochise County, AZ , 2004-6.

* Consulted on small, passive-solar home designs in Cochise County, AZ, 2004-8.

my lime art

* Attended week-long workshop on natural plaster skills, covering construction, walls, floors, patios, and paints at the Canelo Project.

winter solstice   office fin

* Retrofitted own Silver City, NM, home with new sunroom and natural plaster.

* Consulted on passive solar projects in Silver City, 2006-present.

smile SO WS

* Taught solar oven cooking in Silver City, 2007 – present.

* Became distributor for Global Sun Ovens, International, as “Solar Inspiration,” 2007 – 2013.

me at earth day

* Launched “People’s Design,” a passive solar consulting business, 2012.

PDC - Scott Pittman certificate

* Repeated the Permaculture Design Course and was re-certified in Permaculture by Scott Pittman of the Permaculture Institute, 2013.

* Expanded business into “Home and Garden Inspiration,” 2013.

radio backstage

* Created and hosted 30 editions of “Back to the Garden,” a live interview radio show on Gila-Mimbres Community Radio ( from October 2013 through April 2014.  Interviewed gardeners with specialties from native species to chickens to water harvesting and much more.  (All the shows are archived at under Programs.)

More on Jean Eisenhower here:


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