Bill Mollison

bill mollisonBill Mollison is the originator of Permaculture, both the term and the worldwide movement.  He was also my first teacher and the man who certified me as a designer in 1989.

On his Wikipedia page, you’ll read that in 1981, Bill was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, often referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Peace Prize.”

In 1989, I interviewed Bill Mollison for Sustainable Living in Drylands: Newsletter of Arid Lands Permaculture, later to evolve into the international Permaculture Drylands Journal.  I seem to have lost the interview, but a portion of it is on the website here: 

In 2000, Bill awarded a few “Permaculture Community Service Awards,” one of which I received for launching the Permaculture Drylands Journal and hosting design workshops.

Bill is featured on a few YouTube videos here:

Bill Mollison:  Global Gardener 2 Drylands.  Bill wanders around (the world) and talks about restoring drylands and drylands gardening techniques, displaying his famous humor.  28 minutes.

In Grave Danger of Falling Food.”  This film produced in the late 80s is reproduced here with OK sound.  55 minutes.

Permaculture 01:  The Journey Begins.  Bill gives a basic Permaculture presentation at a chalkboard.  1 hour.

Bill Mollison on Aboriginal Understanding.  Bill talks about aboriginal understanding of the multi-dimensional world.  2 minutes.

And 21 more videos are here on Permaculture Planet.


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