Price Reduced on this Passive Solar Home for Sale

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IMG_5736.jpgZoned residential and commercial, seven blocks from the historic business/tourism district, five blocks from WNMU, this 2-bedroom, 1-bath home with detached studio was redesigned for winter passive solar gain and summer shade, with sculptured adobe “thermal mass” for temperature stabilization, and modern insulation – for comfort and energy savings in all seasons.

The private gardens, designed for low maintenance and watered with rain from the steel roof and catchments, contain native and drought-resistant fruit and nut trees, grape vines, numerous herbs, and a full spring and summer of flowers, all on one-tenth acre.  The home, gardens, and kitchen also all support moderately large gatherings.


I’ve lived in Silver City for ten years and love it for many, many things:

  • Wonderful weather.
  • Many “Top Ten” small town lists, i.e., for wilderness, outdoor recreation, retirees, arts, etc.
  • The only small town in the Southwest with a food coop; it also has a Farmers Market, Permaculture guild, herb store, community garden, community radio, and more.
  • Home prices were/still are modest.
cherries in native collander
Two cherry trees, an almond, and apricot, two peach trees, and red flame grapes – plus medicinal and culinary herbs.

More about this home can be found on this site, or by contacting me:  575-534-0123 or

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HUGE apricots!

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