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Short Video of the Finished Multi-purpose Fountain!

Corner of the yard with apricot and fountain
Corner of the yard with apricot and fountain

I love this corner of the yard now!  Greg finished the fountain today, and it’s so satisfying to have the sound of trickling water in the yard!

We hooked up a cooler line (so another pump won’t go bad) to this Mother Mary fountain – to which I added some crystals.

The water runs over the lip and down a little fall, into a pond we created and lined with stone, then sideways down a chute and into a pottery dish inside the chicken coop!  (I love that the hens came into the frame for the video.)

The dish is tipped, so from there the water flows out into the well of the apricot tree with columbines and day lilies which love the water.

Peaches, our tabby cat is looking for a small snake she saw there yesterday.  She also loves drinking from the fountain, as do birds and lizards. – just 1-minute and 20 seconds.  Fun.

(Wouldn’t you know, just as I’m videotaping the mail truck comes by.)