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Nature as our First and Best Healer

Hi All,

And hovering like an angel!
And hovering like an angel!

I’ve been taking a break from garden design since January.


That’s pretty incredible to my mind, having been a workaholic since my childhood, when I heard “Rise and Shine!” “Up and at ’em!” and “Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!” every school morning of my childhood – or at least that’s what it felt like.

So I guess I’m in yet another phase of recalibrating my life to a slower, more meditative, healthy pace.  That’s good.  Not apparently as productive, but probably more so than I realize.

I’ve felt powerfully moved to accept a calling I have felt for many years but have felt terribly ashamed to be such a poor practitioner of such a gift.

I have felt called to create a church – one that doesn’t hold “services,” because I believe worship (as Christ said) is to be done in private – but a church which offers doctrine that I believe many people believe but have been terrorized to keep quiet about (passed down from the Inquisition, slavery, or other genocide), that is, a church that affirms Nature as our Healer, and our gardens as our private healing sanctuaries.

I was loathe to begin a church (many horrific memories there), and I certainly didn’t want to put myself forward as a minister (though I am – story later), and I certainly don’t need another project.

But I felt the need keenly.  So I created the Garden Healing Church.

Doctrines include:

1) Our personal responsibility to keep ourselves healthy through good food, water, and medicine.

2) Gardens and public wild places are the very best places for healing.  (Christ and many other wise ones went to the garden or into nature to pray.)

3) Nature contains plants that heal us (and take away our pain, help us contemplate, and more) – presumed by many spiritual teachers, and specifically “given” by the God of Genesis.

4) Nature spirits have a wealth of information, bits of which we might be granted when we pray in Nature.

To my delight, I realized these doctrines and this church would support a few different political quests for religious-based healing rights and other related rights.

1) The right to use plants for healing as we believe best, including marijuana and other natural plants targeted by the FDA..

2) The right to not be forced to pay for allopathic healing.

3) The defense of wild lands, and the quiet there.

These spiritual beliefs and practices are all under serious political attack today.

While attorneys do their work on this issue, it makes sense for us as individuals to assert our beliefs and to get spiritual support for living a healthy, natural-healing life, with time and space for prayer in nature, and without compulsion to pay for healing methods that offend our spiritual senses.

The Garden Healing Church offers:  

1) a membership (free) through which you assert your spiritual rights to heal with nature’s gifts, and

2) occasional posts and opportunities to share conversation supporting each individual’s healing naturally.

You can read about and join (free) the Garden Healing Church here:

Oh yes, and the story about how I became a minister (years ago) is there too.

Peace, blessings, and healing to you ~