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Pruning Results are Wonderful!

photo 2 copyLast fall, I hosted two workshops on pruning, taught by arborist Cheyenne Thomas – and got lots of professional advice to make my fruit trees healthier, more productive, and easier to manage.

(I’m one of those who has a hard time taking a saw or blade to beautiful living things.) DSC04264

One of our trees was this dwarf peach, which we espaliered next to the fence.

…and baby peaches have formed!
…and baby peaches have formed!

A month or so ago, it was all leafed out and had these tiny peaches. three peaches

Today those three are plumping up!

Even though roses weren’t part of the workshop, I took the effort to learn a little more about pruning them, then did the work – and today we are amazed at the number of blooms we have! roses(And we’ve been picking quite a few for the house already.)rose buds

And there are a cluster of buds ready to burst forth any day. roses ws

What to do with spent roses?  Well, I’ve always lain mine either near the sculpture of Mary or some other pretty place, showing respect.  Since we’ve created the new fountain (using the old broken Mary fountain), I started to lay old roses nearby, then realized they might have more life if put in the fountain water pond!  Of course, they do, and when their petals fall, they are still lovely floating in the water.fountain ms

Hope you’re having as much fun in your garden as we are!